The Importance Of Environmental Changes In The Human Environment

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Environmental Changes have become one of the major threats to the world in the last decade. Climate change, for instance, does not only impact a single state at a domestic level, but it also influences nations’ well-beings at an international level. Therefore, it is significant for scholars, and politicians to have a valid understanding of the relationship between human and nature, since humans are one of the influencing variables that cause environmental changes. Many studies have been done to explain the causes of environmental changes including sea level-rise due to excessive green house gas emissions in the atmosphere, wasting mass natural resources, or international regime’s failure to take environmental problems into account. However, there is a gap in research on the individual’s responsibility and many of us fail to take positive actions toward environmental safety, despite the knowledge we might have in terms of environmental problems. I argue several important points in this paper. First, I will explain what are the factors that cause environmental changes from scholarly articles. Second, it is important to point who are the responsible actors for environmental threats. In addition, I will discuss different IR approaches including foreign policy, and human security from environmental perspective to justify my theory, which is environmental changes are a threat to the world and that individuals should be the main responsible actors. Finally, this paper aims to show
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