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For too long have we lived in our comfort zone without realizing the reality of our world is. For too long have we took the earth for granted when the earth now is dying due to our reckless behaviour towards the environment, yet we dare to look on the other side. The global concentration has never been as focused on taking the responsibility for the environment. Basically, the term ‘environmental friendly’ can be defined as reducing infliction and minimizing the harm upon ecosystems or the environment. All parts of our society, be it the government, business or individuals are encouraged to operate in more environmentally friendly ways, to aid sustainability for the world. This, we have to be clear on the significant role we play in delivering a sustainable world. It is such an eyesore to witness the sick environment that is happening around us, yet the society seems to be ignorant about it up until now. However, there are several methods that can be made in order to create an…show more content…
To do this, authorities need to enforce regulations, such as introducing law that is related to environmental preservation to the constitution as well as to the public. With this, the public or rather anyone has the chance to take the initiative in voicing out their opinion or suggestion regarding the regulations through the right channel and platform and working on together as a whole team. Next, the following step is to imposing fine for those who violate the law in order to prevent people from committing and repeating the wrongful act. Here, according to Malmberg (n.d.), The leadership of the government sector in moving towards the sustainability of the world seems to be the best role to the public servants who can guide and gives motivation to others in showing their respect for the environment in daily

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