Essay About Environmental Pollution

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Environmental pollution is the result of improper disposal, which shows forth our unsustainable usage of resources. This is evident with the large amount of plastic irresponsibly disposed in the sea, the excessive burning of fossil fuels that contributes to air pollution and all the unsustainable management of factories leading to large amounts of waste material discharged into water bodies causing heavy hazardous contamination. All these excessive pollutants added into the environment, disrupts the natural cycle leads to a myriad of negative repercussions and drawing attention to invoke change so as to prevent what is preventable in very first place. We have seen from history how environmental pollution can lead to irreversible long-term damage: Love Canal Case and the derivation of Minamata disease. In recent years, we see how soil…show more content…
As mentioned, we have established that environmental pollution has not been credited with the attention that it deserves because as compared to other problems, environmental pollution is not in the top of the list to be resolved and additionally, most people do not really see the impacts of environmental pollution because they are not immediate hence, the issue is left to expand and accumulate. However, it is undeniable that with all the harmful effects that it brings, people are starting to pay more attention to the pollution in the environment. In both developed and developing countries, strong enforcements and specialized agencies are set up to address this issue. Even so, there needs to be proper supervising of the laws to ensure that it is properly carried through. Also, it is essential we direct these laws and policies to the main cause of pollution: wasteful consumption and use of harmful chemicals that is irresponsibly disposed. All these, in the long run, will indefinitely remediate the world’s issue of
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