The Importance Of Environmental Rights

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Environmental Rights are defined as an extension of the basic human rights that mankind requires and deserves. The environment has rights stated in the Constitution about it staying clean, but many people are violating these laws, making the environment unhealthy and not clean for themselves; however with law enforcement enforcing these laws or the government making the consequences rougher, could be a great start to making the environment clean again. The laws about the environment can be tricky to understand. Access to justice may be just what the environment needs. The Niger Delta’s, the biggest delta in Niger, water is now unhealthy for people to drink. India also has a big controversy about environmental rights actively happening today.…show more content…
The Niger Delta is now unhealthy for people to drink from. According to Edlyne Anugwom, “The overall physical environment portrayed by the delta has influenced the social environment by agitating people of the region against perceived environmental abuse resulting from oil exploitation.” This is saying that whole environment has been affected by this one problem. It is also trying to get across that just because one action is affected one thing, in the long run it will affect the entire environment. Anugwom also said, “The development of political consciousness in the delta was a gradual process, which can be seen as being closely intertwined with the history of local agitation over oil.” Edlyne is saying that the unhealthiness of the delta happened in a gradual process, not just one action. Anugwom was also trying to say that many environmental issues today started from the history of over 20 years ago. The Nigerian people are now unable to get water from this delta, under any circumstance, because of the excessive amounts of oil in the…show more content…
According to Lavanya Rajamani, “India’s latest State of the Environment Report notes that ‘most of our land is degraded, is undergoing degradation or is at risk of getting degraded’, air pollution is ‘widespread in urban areas’, many species are vulnerable to extinction and water quality has deteriorated.” This is saying that the latest problem in India is that Air pollution is spread among many areas. Rajamani is trying to get across that just because a certain problem started in a certain place, it can spread, especially if the actions that caused it in the first place is still happening. Lavanya went on to say, “The constitutionally guaranteed environmental right is poorly defined, and therefore offers little guidance in making difficult judgments central to an exercise of this right.” She is saying that the rights are poorly addressed in the constitution. And because of this, the rights offer a low amount of guidance on what to do about punishments and fixing to this

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