The Importance Of Environmental Science

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Environment includes all the physical and biological surroundings and their interactions. Thus, in order to study environment one needs knowledge inputs from various disciplines:-  Life sciences including botany, zoology, microbiology, genetics etc, help in understanding the biotic component and their interactions.  Subjects like physics, chemistry, geography, geology etc helps in understanding the physical and chemical structure of the abiotic components and energy transfer and flow.  Mathematics, statistics and computer science serve as effective tools in environmental modeling and management.  Economics, sociology and mass communication provide inputs for dealing with the socio-economic aspects associated with various developmental activities.  Chemical engineering, civil engineering and hydraulics forms the basis for various technologies dealing with the control of environmental pollution, waste – treatment and development of cleaner technologies.  Environmental laws provide the tools for effective management and protection of the environment. Environmental Science, therefore, is a multi-disciplinary subject where different aspects are dealt with a holistic approach. Scope : Environmental science is a multidisciplinary science whose basic aspects have a direct relevance to every section of the society. Its main aspects are:  Conservation of nature and natural resources.  Conservation of biological diversity.  Control of environmental pollution. 

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