The Importance Of Epistemic Knowledge

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Epistemic Knowledge -what is it and why is it important?

Epistemic knowledge is a knowledge of building knowledge itself, the crucial components of involved in the process of building knowledge and the capacity of justifying the knowledge produced by science such as a hypothesis, a theory or an observational claims(diSessa, 1993; Duschl, 2007). Epistemic knowledge plays a paramount role on how we know what we know. Such knowledge enables to understand the nature of science(diSessa, 1993). Understanding nature of science demands to identify scientific theory from hypothesis as well as scientific facts from observations (Hammer, 1994; Laudato, 2010).
Epistemic knowledge empowers us to construct models, which are either representational models or mathematical models (Duschl R. , 2008). These models are vital in describing science but they are a mere depiction of the actual world. Take, for example, particle model of matter, which is a conceptualized illustration. This model depicts the limitation of Bohr model in explaining what we know about an atom and its building blocks.
Studying the physical phenomenon of the natural world involves studying so many variables. To identify what variable contribute to the observed phenomenon, control of variables is inevitable. Procedural knowledge explains the strategies involved in controlling of variables but for creating knowledge in science understanding why we uses that particular strategy or its reproducibility is critical. The

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