The Importance Of Equality In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Don’t Look Back Warren Farrell, an American author once said “Nobody really believes in equality anyway” and this rings true for several reasons. One such reason is, it is nearly impossible for equality, and happiness to coexist. For generations citizens of the United States have been striving to have total equality in their everyday lives. People want equal rights, equal pay, equal education opportunities. However, not many people want to do equal work, get equal consequences, or submit equally to government rules and regulations. Equality can be a wonderful thing in kindergarten. However once an individual passes the tender age of five it is time to begin learning the lessons of the world. The first of such lessons is that nothing in life is equal or fair. Not all people have the same talents or weaknesses, therefore, true equality is near impossible without limiting other people 's freedoms. In the novella Anthem by Ayn Rand, they have created a society with total equality, and total unhappiness . They use the characters in this book to demonstrate why certain rules exist, as well as to prove why said rules shouldn’t exist. This book portrays that the rules of the society exist because the government believes they will help create complete equality among the society 's citizens. The main character, whose name happens to be Equality, realizes near the end of the Anthem that utopia is unachievable, especially by way of equality. With this new insight, he begins to develop
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