The Importance Of Equality In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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In Ayn Rand’s novella, Anthem, mankind is a philanthropic machine. To achieve a common goal, the brotherhood disregards their own personal ends and nobly collaborates. For every decision comes from collective thought and every advancement, from joint action. However, one man in this machine malfunctions: Equality-72521. With an inquisitive nature, an innovative mind, and latent desire, Equality possesses the traits of a visionary. Every step Equality takes, is one away from the public-spirited system; another towards personal identity. Each step is an internal struggle, due to the machine’s brainwash and eloquent reprogram of Equality’s instinctive mind. But nature tells Equality that his DNA is nothing save himself. Nature tells Equality that individuality is man’s birthright, man’s one true victory. It is a self motivated animal, that not even the propaganda of socialism can cage. This selfishness is what eventually prompts Equality to look at his reflection in awe, create electrical lighting with his ingenuity, and, lastly, love Liberty. By recognizing and accepting these individual strengths, interests, and desires, Equality is victorious in freeing himself from collectivism. Man only comprehends rigid conformity. Nevertheless, Equality is “not like that of our brothers” (19), with a grand stature, a fascinating face, and straight capable arms resting at his sides. His distinctive features, are however, not just arbitrary. Equality’s looks are unlike those
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