Why Is Equality Important In Today's Society

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In Equality's society rules are supposed to provide structure and balance, but at some point these rules just become a method of complete control. The house of council suppresses the individuality of all the people by creating laws and regulations to hold everyone equal. The house of council holds them under such a tight guard that the people do not know any better. The laws presented in Anthem are occurring in today's society; people are allowing it to continue until someone like Equality revolts against the government, and puts an end to the unjust ways of the governing body. The citizens cannot speak, love, or even think without being in fear of being punished by their own governing body. Falling in love is strictly forbidden because this you are putting a single person in higher importance than your government and community. Focusing on something other than the work that needs to be accomplished is viewed to put the whole society back. The people are not allowed to put themselves first, they must always use we when referring to themselves. This is to completely remove putting yourself above the group, this way you will not feel significant enough to even think about revolting. Finally thinking you are even slightly better than someone is strongly disapproved. Equality realises he is brilliant when it comes to math and science compared to the other children that surround him, and he also realised being better at anything…show more content…
After he escapes, he changes his name to Prometheus. Prometheus is no longer controlled by the house of council, and he can now create new laws and regulations of his own. He will most likely leave out all the laws of his past community because he has suffered through the restrictions, and no individuality allowed from the past government. His laws will allow the people to individually flourish, and allow them to feel important as one and as a
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