Catholic Social Teaching Analysis

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In Catholic Social Teaching the term ‘preferential option for the poor’ means that in society one has to keep the poor in mind when it comes to the distribution of the goods as they should be distributed to everyone in an equal manner. In fact Gaudium et Spes, a document found in the Second Vatican Council, states that God did not have the intention of excluding anyone during Creation:
‘God intended the earth with everything contained in it for the use of all human beings and people. Thus, under the leadership of justice and in the company of charity, created goods should be in abundance for all in like manner.’’
Goods we see around us are gifts for all humanity therefore it is only reasonable that these goods are to be used by everyone equally.
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This adoration will bring solidarity amongst every one of us. As Pope John Paul II said in the Message for 2004 in World Day of Peace, "Independent from anyone else, equity is insufficient. In fact, it can even deceive itself, unless it is interested in that more profound force which is affection." Being simply just is bad. We should put in affection while being just, in light of the fact that that is what matters. We should not be a direct result of feeling sorry for others and to flaunt to others around us how overcome we are on the grounds that we are helping poor people. Poor people must be dealt with regularly by offering them in the way some assistance with willing be just with and pour in adoration to them. Also, aside from indicating adoration to the poor is a solid method for doing equity as Jesus did in his life, we should support them, show ethics with them and not prejudge and abuse them. This is indicated likewise in the Encyclical letter Centesimus Annus. In the case of doing as such, we will be making our life and others lives significantly more content in this world. “Love for others, and in the first place love for the poor, in whom the Church sees Christ himself, is made concrete in the promotion of justice. Justice will never be fully attained unless people see in the poor person, who is asking for help in order to survive, not an annoyance or a burden, but an opportunity for showing kindness and a chance for greater enrichment. Only such an awareness can give the courage needed to face the risk and the change involved in every authentic attempt to come to the aid of
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