Erotic Dancing Woman Analysis

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In terms of the negative stigma erotic dancing has on women, Barton starts us off with a question, “What kind of women dance naked for money?”. She goes on to explain that “Most people, informed only by cultural stereotypes, imagine much and know little about the lives of dancers…. Seductive and manipulative, she will steal your boyfriend or husband because she does not care about anyone but herself (Barton, 585). Ross also states that “Female burlesque, go-go, and striptease have been perceived by religious, civic, and moral reformers as commercialized sexual vice that inflames men’s passions...propel them to seek adulterous liaisons, abandon their families, and jeopardize their workplace productivity” (Ross, 150). I must say that I agree…show more content…
In the past, women were radicalized, seen as having no choice, and viewed as sexual objects that are easy to take advantage of by men, as Sobel states, “[being] catcalled, insulted, propositioned for prostitution and even pressured to perform sexual acts for money [in front of these men], physically assaulted and sometimes even raped by people associated with the clubs” (Sobel, AR4). And for these women, and others, who have ever danced erotically, they know that they have a stupendous and immense amount of power over the audience, and or person they are dancing for. As one participant explains, “Magenta: 'When you see when you see all these men staring at you like mesmerised and you just think 'yeah, I'm doing that to you, I make you feel like that'. It makes you feel good about yourself and like strong. Like you have this power over them and they want you, but they can't touch you or like or like do anything except watch!’” (Byrne, 2010). And one of the main ways to deprive them of this power is to humiliate them for it, and for generations, women have been played dirty and deprived of this power from society. What others also seem to not understand, however, is that these women do have a choice when it comes to working as an erotic dancer. Due to the negative limelight surrounding erotic dancing, it is assumed that these women often don’t have a choice in the…show more content…
Everyone is different, and not one situation is identical to the other, so not all women will have the same experiences, and perspectives as others. As Bruckert states, “The job itself is physically exhausting, emotionally challenging, and definitely stressful. Success is contingent on the development of complex skills and competencies including performance, construction of sexuality, sales, and finely tuned interpersonal skills” (Bruckert, 328). When a woman dances, it is empowering because they put all their energy and emotion towards it, which brings out their vulnerability. Erotic dancing, when you look beyond the negative surface of shame, allows women to gain and boost their confidence, as well as their passion, and allows them to connect and acknowledge the beauty and power they own. Is a powerful art that showcases their tremendous potentials, from creative dancing, to physical strength in performing on the spinning pole, to the innate level of being able to embrace and express yourself out there, there is a need to show them respect for the entertainment they present to us, just like how we respect doctors for doing their job to save lives. These women are strong and there is a story behind the way they dance and it is powerful and empowering. Although it is important too, to take into consideration the environment
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