The Importance Of Eroticism In India

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Recently people are divided on porn sites and its contents. It is happening in a country where temples’ walls are carved with intimate and explicit sexual movements. It is happening in a country where Kama sutra was written, read and experienced. After all what happened to the India which was an open minded and frank nation to deal with these topics with dignity? What happened that people feel shy and cross fingers to speak about it? Why don’t people want to confess that they are phallus worshipper? Eroticism and sensuality have been an integral part of Indian art and culture. This eroticism and sensuality become obscene, offensive as well as aesthetic and pleasurable as there is a very thin line to separate it. The standards to measure it are established by society and so called moral bourgeois dictators. It has authentic evidences in India as well as in the other parts of the world. It was in the past, is in present and will remain in future. The artists who have aesthetic sense represent it while creating their works whether it is in the form of text or sculpture or dance. For this eroticism, many have been acclaimed praise, on other hand, many have been condemned. Erotic songs are pervaded in almost every dialect of India. Frankness to erotic topics at the occasion of marriages, festivals are naturally amalgamated in Indian society but still when a writer tries to present the description of erotic and sensual moments in his work, he has to face condemnation and

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