The Importance Of Establishing A Monument

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There are many ways to remember an event or person such as a scrapbook, however monuments are a brilliant way to symbolize the importance of a person or event. Usually when a monument is being constructed, the agency or group feels it is necessary to memorialize the person or special event that is a role model to our society. To construct a predominant monument, one should consider the location, architecture, and the purpose behind the idea of establishing a monument. One of the most important component, an agency or group should determine when building a monument, is the location. The statue of Christopher Columbus in Riverside Park in Pennsylvania (Source B) shows the approbation when he discovered America. Now, people can stroll around the park with their families and see Columbus monument and think of his achievements. It…show more content…
Once, one has located the monument in a admirable place such as a park, it should be made with good-quality materials and show significant meaning. An designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial “chose black granite in order to make the surface reflective and peaceful.” (Source G) Not many people would think of how the design of a monument to create meaning, that’s why building a monument is so important and time-consuming. After the designer has ideas for the monument, one shall think about the size of the monument. Supporters felt that there should be a museum on The Mall in Washington, D.C. but they wanted to make it completely different from all the other buildings to make the museum stand out. Abraham was going to decline the request because he thought it was too big but eventually, “he realized the design could still work by downsizing it.” (Source E) Monuments don 't have to be ginormous for it to stand out and be meaningful. Also, one should figure out the purpose behind the idea of building a monument. Individuals may not care about the monument if the past didn 't help our nation become a better
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