The Importance Of Ethical Dilemma In Social Work

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As I read the clients message I struggled in identifying how I should address the dilemma at hand and wonder if perhaps not responding right away and seeking assistance from my program supervisor could help me make the right decision. I was cleared that as a social worker I have the moral obligation to consider the ethical implications of my decisions in others and wanted to help the client to the best of my abilities. As I struggled I considered the ethical principals that constituted the dilemma. The first ethical principle being the dignity and worth of the person- to respect your clients right to self-determination. This can be done by helping the client enhance her capacity/ability to make her own decisions and address her own needs. Second, the importance of the human relationship, in which I demonstrate the importance of human relationship in order to make a positive change.…show more content…
The third ethical principle was integrity, which I am aware that as a social worker in a preventive agency, I must follow agency policies at all times. In this case, my agency has made it very clear that we cannot accept any current or past clients in our social media accounts. I also considered that I would not like my client 's perception of me to be impacted by the things they learn about me in social media and would not be comfortable allowing them to see my personal information and activities. The fourth ethical principle was competence, ensuring that I am a competent social worker and understanding the issues of privacy and limitation in the devices and applications involved. (NASW Code of

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