The Importance Of Ethics And Nursing Ethics

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Nurses may face challenges in life that may impact their capabilities in providing care to their patients. In this situation, nurses should use their professional judgement and ethical thinking in order to fulfill their responsibilities, efficiently and effectively.
Getting your license as LPN will be one of your greatest achievements. Even though the dream has finally come true, there are going to be difficult days. “As new nurses graduate from school and enter the health care industry they encounter many barriers that distract them from caring for their patients” (Johnstone & Mohsen, 2013). With limited experience they are ill equipped to prevent ethical distress when confronted with ethical dilemmas. “They need ethical knowledge to conduct their appropriate function to manage situations and to give safe and proper legal and ethical care in today 's changing world” (Mohammadi, 2013).
Ethics and Nursing Ethics
Ethics is simply defined as “the study of good conduct, character and motives, it is also concerned with determining what is good or valuable for all people” (Bouchal & Ecker, 2014). It involves choices and judgements about what to do or what not to do. Ethics offer a formal process for putting moral philosophy into practice. “Nurses are also a practicing philosopher; they studied medical or nursing ethics which is a set of moral and practical guidelines that influences nursing decisions” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 1998). For me, nursing ethics is a set of shared
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