The Importance Of Ethics In Business

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I agree with this above statement that good ethics are important for the success for a business today and in my essay I 'm going to discuss why I agree with this.Ethical companies are those that really go above and beyond from just making statements about being ethically to actually turn it into actions and doing something about it. It involves doing what is morally right. Introduction Business ethics is the understanding of right and wrong when it comes to thinking and actions and then using certain decision-making principles to make these decisions so that they won 't hurt others. (Weiss, 2015) Ethical “rules” are usually learning at school, h any other social setting. Even though ethics are sometimes known as common sense it is learnt timeover experience and other situations. (Resnik, 2011) Companies that choose not to behave ethically can cost them dearly in many areas including huge fines, but also lose customers and having to following more detailed government regulations. Many studies have shown that businesses who behave ethically tend to be more successful. The main reasons why ethics are used in business today is because it creates a good working environment for staff to work in an open culture which may result in higher productivity. (Bradshaw, 2015) It is almost impossible to look at business ethics without looking a company 's relationship between its public image and business ethics. Some companies are known to be very ethically which is a main attraction
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