The Importance Of Ethics In Counseling

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Introduction In this essay, I shall look at the need for ethics in the field of counselling and psychotherapy in order to have a positive and professional working alliance with clients. My chosen essay topic is “A good counsellor is a counsellor with highly developed Ethical Sense”. I chose the topic out of my personal interest and curiosity of, is it all the counsellors need, in order to become a successful practitioner within the field? I shall look at the importance of informed consent and confidentiality as well as looking at the issues of self-disclosure within the therapeutic setting. Definition of counselling and psychotherapy Used to treat emotional problems and mental health conditions, psychotherapy is used to assist a patient either with one on one treatment, with a group, or with a partner (NHS.UK, 2013). By exploring the depths of one’s emotional issues, mental disorders that arise from these problems are treated usually through talking. With the trust of a therapist, one feels comfortable expressing the things that may trouble them with the legal protection of confidentiality. Hence there should be no fear in expressing personal or embarrassing details or feelings (NHS.UK, 2013). As such there is a great deal of responsibility upon the psychotherapist, who is professionally trained to listen and locate a solution within the web of problems an individual may face. In establishing a strategy to treat emotional obstacles, a psychotherapist must carefully uphold

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