Silence In James Owen's Talk Less And Say More

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In the modern culture and society, humans often take silence as something awkward and to be avoided at all costs. It is almost like every American has been brought up learning that quiet spaces in conversations are taboo and that no one enjoys an individual who cannot hold a conversation. The issue with this concept is that people are talking way too often and the words coming out of there mouth more often than not, hold absolutely no merit. In James Owen’s book Cowboy Ethics, he describes ten principles to live by and the most significant one on the list is “Talk Less and Say More”. There are a vast amount of things that can be taught through this principle that are often overlooked and unappreciated. The idea of talking less and speaking more can show individuals how silence can lead to avoiding hurt feelings and excessive drama. The main issue in any high school is the fact that rumors are created quickly and spread like wildfire. One of the major points of talking less and speaking more shows individuals what can happen when they only speak of things they have witnessed first hand. Keeping a…show more content…
There are so many deep meanings that can be applied to nearly any person’s life. Americans have grown too accustomed to speaking worthless words nonstop because they have been trained to believe silence is bad and associated with being a boring person. The fact of the matter is, being quiet can often prevent unnecessary arguments and petty fights between two people. I myself am guilty of often speaking without thinking about my words, yet I still do my best to know when to hold my tongue. Speak only when there is something to actually talk about, not just to avoid silence and only provide your opinion when it is asked for. It would be amazing to see people try to be humane to one another and to be kind with their words, yet the tragedy is that the world we live in is simply not like
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