The Importance Of Ethics In Nursing Ethics

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Ethics lies in the very heart of nursing profession as it is one that requires highest standard of honesty and integrity. Therefore ethical principal is of great importance drawing out specific ethical responsibility that nurses are supposed to uphold thus making them accountable when such principle is breeched. “Ethical principles” very much coincides with the nature of nursing that is to provide care and nurture the sick. For example, “Beneficence”, that is to promote well-being of people and “Paternalism” which guides to act in best interest of client when they are incapable to make judgment. A simple illustration of beneficence would be, the act of adherence to aseptic technique when assisting in surgical procedure which helps minimise client’s risk of infections. However with the longer life span and increase dependency towards technology, nurses are exposed to ethical dilemma of increase complexity. Hence, “Code of conduct” and “Standard of care” plays a significant role for guide nurses in self – reflection and decision making.
As mentioned in the case scenario, the five nurses that were apprehended for causing the death of 10 elderly resident had clearly failed in their ethical practice with their act of negligence. The intentional deprivation of nutritional supplies and
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