The Importance Of Ethics In Public Relations

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In today’s time, society has given its attention and trust to the media. Whether social media, television broadcast, radio broadcast or news outlets, media has become the ideal hub for information and news. Therefore, businesses have extended their marketing strategies to fit the consumer needs by promoting all their services, products, advertising etc. via the media. Public relations is a profession which aids businesses to market their public image in the most appealing and positive way. With that in mind, the word ‘public’ in ‘public relations’ is not to be taken lightly. The public are the main focus of any and all marketing strategies; therefore, it is vital that public relations specialists ensure that their work meets the utmost ethical standards, so as not to jeopardize the image of the company, their profession or, themselves.

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Therefore, in order to be successful and keep up with industry standards, it is important that you `develop a good reputation and act with social responsibility,` (cite ethics in pr). Aside from working with charities, making donations or sponsoring fundraisers, social responsibility also means to do the right thing and make the right decision. Therefore, ‘every PR organization has an ethical code by which its employees are expected to abide,’ (CITE ethics). The code of conduct provides generic ethical standards for public relations professionals and public relations firms that must be abided by. The goal of the code of conduct is to provide a guideline that sets principle rules for the public relations professionals (Cite ethics in pr). The codes vary from different regions and different public relations societies, however, with all the variations, it is agreed upon that most of the code of conducts for public relations is built on three primary principles; confidentiality, integrity, and competency (cite ethicsin

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