The Importance Of Ethics In Social Work Practice

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There are many social work skills that are important to implement especially in a group setting. The social worker facilities and set the tone in for the group. Genuineness, acceptance, respect, trustworthiness, empathy, sensitivity to diversity, and purposefulness are essential are important skills to imply in social work practice (DuBois, Miley, & O ' Melia, 2013). A key skill that I would adapt and use in the substance abuse group and to encourage Kali to join the group. Implementing respect within the substance abuse group will teach the group and Kai how to respect each other and themselves. Specifically, in Kai case discussing and treating her with dignity and respect will allow her to learn that I am here to address her need in a non-judgmental…show more content…
Building a partnership with client empowers the client to disclose their circumstances, learn about the strengths, and address their barriers. Utilizing respecting confidentiality is important to address Kai concerns and to implement in group. Kai is concern about the lack of confidentiality in the group. Address Kai concern on confidentiality because key component in building trust between the client and social worker (DuBois, Miley, & O ' Melia, 2013). It important to inform Kai my role a professional and ethics on confidentiality; as well as, the limitations, especially in a group setting. I will make Kai and the group aware that is important that what occurs in group should stay in group, but also remind the group that I cannot guarantee that the information in group will remain group. Also, I will further address the limitation of confidentiality, such as if someone is at risk of hurting themselves and/or others, then I must make a report. Overall, It is imperative to discuss the importance of respecting confidentiality, but also address the limitation, so clients in a group setting has a clear understanding of the functions of

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