Discrimination In My Mom's Family

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Discrimination: One or more group of people (separated by ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical ability, religious, or other cultural differences) being systematically mistreated by those with social/fiscal power (Martin & Nakayama, 2014, 62) Discrimination can be instituted by entire communities, social and political establishments, or on an individual basis.

Ethnocentrism often motivates prejudice, in that one who believes their culture is superior might take steps to enforce that believe and oppress those of inferior cultures. Ethnocentrism can also be reinforced by stereotypes, because if one subscribes to stereotypes that others are lazier, stupider, less capable, or more negative than themselves then they might
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My dad’s side has historically been an upper-middle class, Lutheran, Norwegian family. They came through Ellis Island and worked primarily in transportation (like trains) until more modern times (my great grandparent’s forwards) in which they became mostly educators. The most kids one couple had in the chain was six, but on average it was one or two. Now my dad has two siblings but he’s the only one with children, meaning that my two sisters and I are my paternal grandparent’s only grandchildren. They are usually pretty conservative socially, which was a big conflict because my aunt on my dad’s side has been living with her partner for 40 years. For all of my life heretofore (and I assume for the rest of it), her homosexuality is not acknowledged by my grandparents, which is a sad situation for her (not to usurp her conflict but it’s also frustrating to me because I have to be closeted around my grandparents as well). This side of the family is where most of the cultural traditions come from, such as making lefsa, lebkuchen, and krumkake for Christmas. My grandma has a bunad and insists she teach each of the granddaughters once they turn 23 (an arbitrary number as far as I can tell). My house has a heirloom Hardanger fiddle in it, but no one actually knows how to play
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