The Role Of Eugenics In American Society

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Wetback, Negros, dirty, infectious, and lazy have demoralized the names and lives of people who are labeled this way. These labels have a root just like every other problem in our American society, but this problem is something we continue to have. Determining the roots of the so what called "white race" has been the building block of derogating every other culture. American history is taught as an all-white country, but lacks to teach the accomplishments, and struggles people of color had to face entering America. The So what called "pseudo-science" dehumanizes the name of many cultures, and socially degrades their opportunities with no real science involved. Not only are eugenics the main principal of the stereotypical label but the American…show more content…
Takao Ozawa was a victim of this type of immigration brutality who had to completely let go of his culture, his language, his people, just to become a citizen of America, which was a long eight-year fight. After Ozawa proved to be only American, the courts ignored what they seemed to believe in, and declared Japanese were descends of Mongolians. The courts refused many applications like Ozawa's and kept many from chasing their dreams as immigrants. Perople like Ozawa had to betray their culture and norm to be american, and in return got denied. Another court case the courts had to face during this time was Thinds argument stating that Artans of India had similar features as European features, and that because he claimed to be "pure." The courts attached the word Caucasian and decided it was not good enough to characterize race. The judge stopped using eugenics to reject science. The courts are corrupt because they were perpetuating science. This is significant because immigrants, and people of color were not secure during this tie era. Immigrants were rejected in the American life and could not truly show their identity or add their usual life norms to their American lives anymore. The courts allowed and followed the discrimination…show more content…
America indeed revolves around opportunities, but it also includes discrimination and rejection. America is full of people from all over the world but no one ever questions why we all need to think of ourselves as "white." Does anyone ever ask why they can't be a citizen of this county, while calling themselves anything other than white, or American? Not likely, because this country was built on the believes that superiority comes from whiteness. Although most Americans lack the answer this question, bias continues to attach people of color because every other culture has been destroyed because of these believes. This type of evidence shows that discrimination was socially constructed, and in reality, includes no kind of logical scientific evidence. There are no differences in men, no species, no races; whiteness only defines social classification and a perfect tool, "subject to expansion, and contraction." Whiteness has ruined the lives of many people, using capitalism to improve the lives of those who are deemed white. Sadly, if people like Bernier, and Hune were stopped from giving the world a false classification of people and science, maybe different, and more positive ideologies would exist for people of color. If the courts would have treated every man
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