The Importance Of Eulogy For Third-Grade School Teachers

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Walking through my elementary school years was not an easy task, but luckily I had some great people to help me along the way. I would like to dedicate my bare book to every individual who has been by me throughout this incredible journey. First, i would like to thank my teachers who have supported me through thick and thin. My teachers have taught me so much more than just academics, they have taught me how to conquer situations and bring the best out of me. I want to thank my kindergarten teachers first, Mrs. Jeambert and Mrs.Walker. Mrs. Jeambert and Mrs. Walker have taught be the foundation for a lifetime of learning, which is a great gift that will last a lifetime. Mrs. Sauer is the kindest hearted first-grade teacher anyone could ask…show more content…
Despite all of the rumors of Mr. Cotter, turned out to be an excellent teacher, with an impressive personality. Learning in third grade would not have been the same without Mr.Cotter. Also big thanks to my fourth-grade teacher Ms. Wood, Ms. Wood has a lovely personality larger than the world. Her funniness, kindness, sweetness and much more is all I could ask for in a teacher. Also much joy toward my fifth-grade teachers, Mrs. Valenzuela and Mrs. Ebert. There is no doubt that Mrs. Valenzuela is the most kind hearted teacher in the school, her lovingness toward her students was outstanding. And how she loved her students as if we were her kids. And Mrs. Ebert was a dedicated teacher who puts a lot of time into lesson planning. And lastly to my dedication part to my teachers, i would like to say a humongous thanks to Mrs. Masterson, Mrs. Leonard, and Mrs. Loy. My sixth-grade teachers have been the most amazing teachers in the world; they show every aspect of excellent teachers. I would mainly like to give thanks to Mrs. Masterson, Mrs. Masterson has been the most incredible teacher who made my last year at Mission Estancia Elementary the best year
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