The Importance Of Eurocentric Fashion

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Eurocentric fashion has been an integral part of many contemporary societies for some decades. In many places of the world, Western style clothes are thought to be synonymous with being modern and free. Many women now prefer a pair of jeans and a tank top to their traditional dress. Eurocentric fashion has been invading cultures worldwide, influencing the way people dress and how they feel about themselves. In Myanmar, the situation is not so different. Even though it is still an underdeveloped country, and many traditions remain intact, it has been touched by the process of Globalization. In Myanmar, a woman wearing a traditional dress is far from a rare sight. However, even though cultural values still play a role over the choice of dress, women who embrace Eurocentric fashion are becoming…show more content…
Western values Since Colonial Times, Myanmar people have associated Europeans with efficiency, sophistication and excellence, among other things. Still today, Myanmar people who can speak fluent English, or live or work in Europe, are looked up to by their peers. So, it is no wonder that one may feel, at least subconsciously, that he can possess the good qualities of a European when he dresses like one. In fact, according to my survey result, 53.7% of the people surveyed believed that wearing Eurocentric clothes makes them more modern and sophisticated, compared to 28.4% who didn 't and 16.4% who had no idea. Comfort, freedom of movement and practicality The problem with Myanmar traditional dress is that it lacks freedom of movement and practicality that the postmodern age demands. The traditional "longyi", which is worn around the waist like a long skirt, restricts lower body movement. Women are especially at the danger of it falling off when they run or move very fast. Also, Myanmar traditional blouse has no pockets. These kinds of impracticalities forced a lot of Myanmar people to wear Eurocentric clothes, which have many practical uses, and stick to the body

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