The Importance Of European Empires In Africa

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Although it’s true that by the 1950s, European empires were in decline as African leaders were successfully forcing an end to colonial rule, the absence of the European empires still has a huge effect on how African governments and societies are governed and ran. The European empires leaving the continent of Africa is ultimately good for Africa in the long run, however I feel as though the colonizing countries owe something to their African colonies. For European colonizers to simply take over African countries, utilize their people and resources for profit, and then leave them all alone after being driven out is incredibly unfair. For a statement to say that the influence of Western powers on the continent “dwindled because, out of respect for the interests of the majority of Africans, Western nations and multinational corporations have chosen not to maintain ties with independent African states”, discredits everything that the African countries and citizens had to go through during the colonization period. It makes it sound as though the Europeans used the African countries, left, and didn’t try to repay them in any way. This may be the case, but I just don’t agree with the statement that they did it “out of respect for the interests of the majority of Africans”.
In the best interest of the Africans, I feel like the European nations mainly should’ve taken their governments out of the African colonies. This would fix the power distribution of the African countries because

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