Importance Of Research In Nursing Research

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Research is an important source of knowledge in nursing practice but the same important factors are clinical experience and patients’ value and preference. Nurses can make a decision by consider the research and their own experience but nurses should also concern the feeling of patient. In this essay, there is prove that the importance of evidence-based practice and the limitation in Hong Kong medical system.

Research is an examination and investigation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, modifying of accepted theories or laws base on new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws (Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T., 2008). It is important in nursing practice for continuing advancements for promote
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As we all know, nasogastric tube insertion is a common treatment to patients who cannot eat by mouth. Although this procedure seems to be easy, there are many hidden dangers such as nasogastric tube position and size differences. A nasogastric tube is a narrow-necked tube that enters the stomach through the nose. According the knowledge from school, nurse should check the position after the insertion, before feeding and any condition cause the dislocation of nasogastric tube by following method, check pH level of aspiration content, listen a ‘’pop’’ sound generated by air blown through the tube and marking of the tube (Rahimi, M., Farhadi, K., Ashtarian, H., & Changaei, F., 2015). If these test is fail, x-ray will be used to confirm the position finally. However, some of them are not the popular methods in Hong Kong’ ward nowadays since there are some accidents happened by misplaced nasogastric tube that the tubes were incorrectly inserted into their lungs and feeding commenced. The serious complications of nasogastric tube misplacement are lung perforation, bronchial misplacement, pneumonia, esophageal perforation and pneumothorax (Gupta, P. K., Gupta, K., Jain, M., & Garg, T., 2014). These accidents reflect that the previous method is not totally reliable and researcher start thinking the problem and develop the new research for finding the best way to…show more content…
The normal range is less than 5.5. However, some patients may have mild secretion in the stomach and it is difficult to aspiration. According to the research (Boeykens, K., Steeman, E., & Duysburgh, I., 2014), it suggested that nurses can provide a meals or drink before placement so it is easier to aspiration. In my experience, it is difficult to give patient a meal if the patient cannot eat, even drink water is also hard to him. It can reflect that research can provide a general condition but it may not suitable for all of the patients and nurses should determine the acceptance level of every patients depends on their own observation and experience since research is including small sample size that compare with the whole medical system. Besides, this method has another concern that pH level is affected by other factors although the nasogastric tubes is in situ. The proportion of these patients is high especially in intensive care, nephrology and surgery. When these patients are taking antacids such as H2 receptor antagonists or proton pump inhibitors, the average pH level is 4.6 but it is 3.5 whom without using antacids. 77%(208 people out of 314) of patients with using antacids is generate pH level lower than 5.5 and only 22% false negative result (tube is place in the stomach) that mean pH level more
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