The Importance Of Evidence Based Practice

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Globally, health care environments are rapidly developing which leads to a need for guidance to practice high quality effective care( Craig & Smyth 2007).In the way of improving health care practice, the need of Evidence-based practice (EBP) is essential to develop this type of care (Craig & Smyth 2007). EBP can be defined as a well organized method that encompasses three elements which are information from published articles, patient preference and clinical experience in order to improve the quality of care (Holland & Rees 2010).
According to Fain (2009), research is needed to build up new knowledge and skill in order to improve the quality of care and to move from ritualistic practice to researched practice (Holland & Rees 2010). Furthermore, EBP based on research evidence and useful in reduce cost care (Craig & Smyth 2007).

Locally, the practice of EBP is new and recently developed and applied in studies and practice (MOH 2012). The professional code of conduct for nurses and midwives (ONMC 2011) supports the implementation of EBP as this code states clearly to nurses that in order to be competent they need to update their knowledge and skill according to the current scope and standard of practice. What is more, care delivery should be based on the existing evidence and not be purely based on the nurse’s experience and traditional practices, it should be based on valid and approved research (ONMC 2011 ). Overall, using evidence in practice improve
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