The Importance Of Evidence In Criminal Justice

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Nowadays, crimes have become one of alarming events happened in our society, it is important that a new and improve criminal justice system might as well, be identified and carefully implemented. One of the major factors is that, justice is still on the rack and waiting to achieve by those victims. It somehow concludes that the old maxim is true, "Justice delayed, Justice denied". At some point, many people voice out their opinions that maybe it's because of too much giving attention on the principles of our law. They will not convict the accused people until no strong evidences will come out that will stated that they are the people who committed the crime. Actually, it is something that our law gave the accused people to
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DNA testing helped the law enforcement to enlighten the system in identifying rather finding the serial criminals and solve crime cases. However, this evidences also helped to prove that most of the convicted people are specifically innocent at all. According to Turman, who served as one of 22 commissioner appointed to the National Commission on the future of DNA evidence states that, DNA evidence is a powerful tool in search for truth. It contains all the genetic information of one's living. It is composed of nucleotide referred to as the building blocks of DNA. In total, each cell in our body contains about 3 billions of nucleotides. The complete nucleotide composition of us is called genome. DNA comes from adult organisms going to their offspring during the process of what we called reproduction. That's why, each of us have its own blueprint passed on to us by our parents and resulting to make us unique from…show more content…
This is because of her curiosity in many things, and DNA is one of it. With this opportunity given by her instructor- Mr. Adrian Perdio, she pursue what she wants to prove and defend to others. She assure that, in dealing with the science of DNA will have a better understanding about it. She wants to share her studying in DNA in all of the people who wants to read her synthesis. For instance, the way she wants to change the old maxim, "Justice delayed, Justice denied". She wants to conduct more studies on her synthesis so that she can prove to others especially for those who are victims in murder, rape, kidnapping and also the convicted people who are wrongly accused by our law, that DNA will help them in searching for the
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