The Importance Of Evolution Theory

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Anastasia Tropina 2-10-2014 630 words ‘Every school should teach students evolution theory, because it is a central model in biology and will help students form their own educated opinion on the origin of life’ Evolution theory is the central theme of the discipline of biology. It can explain important biological questions and provide a unifying framework for biology. However, studies suggest that in high schools, evolution theory is not always taught, or it is misrepresented, due to the fact that teachers find proof of evolution theory to be insufficient, the cause being poor understanding of this theory (Rutledge & Mitchell, 2002, pp. 21-28). This presents a problem, because teachers have the responsibility to make well-informed citizens out of their students. This problem can be solved if biology teachers consider all existing evidence in favor of evolution theory objectively, thereby apprehending the current leading status of this theory. If teachers are not willing to do this, they can at least try to accept the concept of ‘intelligent design’, in which the religious view and the scientific view on the origin of life are combined, as it could serve as a bridge between the two opposing views. Although views on evolution theory are not black-and-white, there are religious groups that are quite radical, accepting only the notion that God is the creator of everything that exists. These individuals are categorically against evolution theory

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