The Importance Of Exchanging Respect In A Raisin In The Sun, By Lorraine Hansberry

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The Importance of Exchanging Respect The people can pick up a relatable and compared desire if they read A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry or listen to Aretha Franklin’s song, “Respect.” A little respect can go a long way. Anyone who has experienced respect knows that feeling of love and appreciation it brings. The book and song both demonstrate the importance of respecting and supporting the people close to us. Beginning with the respect from a standpoint of intellect and individuality is the character of Beneatha. Beneatha wants to be able to chase her dream of becoming a doctor free from family disapproval and discouragement. In a conversation between Beneatha and her brother, Walter, he states, “I’m interested in you. Something wrong with that? Ain’t many girls who decide-- to be a doctor”(Hansberry 36). Walter is showing little respect for his sister here. If he truly respected her he would support her dreams no matter what. He believes that she should not even have a desire to be a doctor because in the twentieth century it was more common for man to do. The only one in the family who actually seems to have ever encouraged Beneatha through all of this is Mama. Another example is when Beneatha changes up her appearance. George, Beneatha’s guy friend, starts off the conversation by gasping, “what in the name of. . .what have you done to your head--I mean your hair”(Hansberry 80). Everyone in the room thinks that Beneatha’s choice to cut her hair short is

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