The Importance Of Exercise And Fitness

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There have been many expectations as to what should be done with your body. Everyone wants to have the perfect body and it has become one of the most important things in everyone’s lives. When a person takes a picture of themselves they are hoping that they look like every celebrity on a magazine. They tend to think that they aren’t beautiful if they do not have the body to show it and that has become a problem in the world. Fitness has done it’s impact not only on people’s physical health, but also their mental health. Some are good and some are bad. People should be able to work our way through society's expectations. Exercise and fitness should not be the most important thing in society because excessive exercise can bring serious problems to those that are not aware of the consequences.…show more content…
Society has so many expectations that it can get to a person’s head. This essay will explore the many different impacts that the idea of fitness has done. Focus will be on the danger of society’s fitness expectations. The questions that will be addressed are, how many are being affected by society’s expectations when it comes to body images? Can trying to have the perfect body make your health worse instead of better? In particular, this essay will include many statistics which proves that this world is being affected in every way possible and that listening to these demands can cause greater damage than what people think. However, focus will not be on how specific exercises can benefit or worsen your body. This research, is based on the article by Jonathan Thompson in, “Disadvantages of Physical Fitness.” In line with Thompson, I agree that physical activity has been forced upon many because they don’t feel good about themselves. However, I do argue that fitness only has negative impacts on your life because fitness can be really good for you if you do it

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