The Importance Of Exercise

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Exercise is beneficial to the health but people ignored it. Nowadays in Hong Kong, there are increasing cases of diseases in young like overweighting, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Moreover, in the recent years, the accidents related to exercise are raising too. Some people say the main problems are people have no time to exercise, less focus on exercise by government and false concept. Ignoring exercise is an exclusive culture in Hong Kong (Hui, 2008). Exercise ignored because of the pace of life, fail to support by social, wrong concept on exercise. Everyone knows, the pace of life in Hong Kong is very fast. People need to work for many hours. According to the data of Census and Statistics Department, the average working hours in 2012 is 45.7 hours per week. About 30 percent of people need to work for 10 hours a day. The data shows that people only left a few hours for free after subtract the resting and working hours a day. Moreover, the working hours do not include the time they used to go to work or go off work by traffic. Therefore, they prefer more to use the rest of the time to take a break on the transportation or have some relax entertainment at home. Some of them may need to take care of their family. Second, government fails to focus on popularizing exercise. The government focuses more on the athletes relatively. The Project Phoenix is the project to support the athletes against young football player. However, the government has not think about to build

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