The Importance Of Existence In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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As the French, absurdist philosopher Albert Camus once said, “Being different is not a bad thing. It means you are brave enough to be yourself.” That summed up with our topic, which is absurdity through human existence, a human being should tolerate the absurd condition of human existence. Albert Camus introduces Meursault the protagonist and narrator of the book The Stranger, who is a stranger through society eyes and the title point out his personality in the world of absurdity. Meursault is indifferent and alienates young man to others. Thus, being indifferent does not make him an outsider, in lieu, sui generis, it makes he stand out while looking into an unaltered world, because if we were all the same life would be boring, he is an unbiased…show more content…
Predicts Camus, “Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I do not know. I had a telegram from the home: “Mother passed away. Funeral tomorrow. Yours sincerely.” That does not mean anything. It may have been yesterday” (Camus 9). These are the starting line of the Stranger and it has a great impact on Meursault throughout the novel, which symbolizes the beginning, middle, and end of the novel, they are in the manner with his behavior towards life and how he sees the world in a different view than everybody else, Meursault is detached from his mother’s death, he does not show that he is hurt by it at all, he does not care about his personal issues. Instead, he cares about the unchanged world he is living in. Mother is very important to our lives, being a mother is an important role. If it was not for our mother who gives us birth, we would not be breathing right now, the most essential are to thank her for everything that she does, even if she is not alive, and to do that it takes humility and love. Meursault does not have the love that he should have had for his mother because he is afraid of love, at the times of her death, he does not even her age, does not want to see his mother’s body in the casket and his visits were not till the cows come home. In substance, he does not care about his mother in plain English he is remorseless. Notwithstanding, the reader can see how the book starts with the word…show more content…
He gets put on trial. He emphasizes, “Right after my arrest I was questioned several times, but it was just so they could find out who I was, which did not take too long. The first time, at the police station, nobody seemed very interested in my case” (Camus 63). That is when he starts thinking how he does not have any place in society, how they treat him as an outsider, no one is worried about his case. Because there is no evidence that means he is guilty. Everything he will say; the magistrate will not believe him, he even feels there is no need for a lawyer because he thinks everything he does, is right and there is not something to question. He comes to understand that he trying to find meaning in his own life, make him impotent to society’s eyes, he only murdered an Arab and that is it. During the trial, there are investigators that learn that Meursault does not feel any remorse at his mother funeral. As Meursault does not have any evidence why he kills the Arab man, the lawyer thinks that it will be a strong argument if Meursault can come up with some answers for the questions. The investigator asks,” If I had felt any sadness that day” (Camus 65). The trial teaches Meursault to commit his wrongdoing and is aware of how each person has a different interpretation about him. It was hard for Meursault to
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