The Importance Of Extensive Reading

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Nowadays, English learning is considerably imperative in Iran. There is no doubt that schools and universities have included English learning as one of the qualification criterion for graduation for all academic levels. Reading, as one of the four basic skills, offers a crucial opportunity for second language development in second language learners (Day & Bamford, 1998), that is particularly true in EFL classrooms where materials of second language input are quite limited (Gebhard, 1996).
In spite of the fact that a major focus of the learners at universities is to enhance their English, they do not seem to read. Reading motivation is a key factor in reading performance. Motivated readers work harder to build meaning in their reading and display increased comprehension (Pardo, 2004). Various techniques have been attempted by pedagogues to eradicate resistance to reading and among them Extensive reading is the most frequently cited remedy and is a very useful and relatively painless device to promote reading motivation and enhance reading performance of students.
Extensive Reading in a foreign language is a process mostly for pleasure (Day & Bamford, 1997; Dungworth etal, 2004) and involves students in a relaxed and individualized reading procedure. Through extensive reading readers transmit the information and content of the materials constructed by the author through the analysis of the data. Consequently extensive reading is the fundamental suggestion of learning

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