The Importance Of Facilitator In Organizations

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1 Intorduction A group is a collection of individuals who have regular contact and frequent interaction, mutual influence, common feeling of solidarity, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals. In a group, there has to be a leader, a facilitator as a leader of a group. The essay is going to outline how a facilitator can create a group. First the essay will show the process of planning, recruiting and setting up a group. Secondly the approaches, values and skills required to be a facilitator will be outlined. The essay will also explain the type of group environment that enhances communication, participation and trusting relationships. A facilitator needs to have group facilitation skills. The essay will also outline and discuss…show more content…
Although members come to the group with a sense of self. A group identity has to be built up. Even in the existence of the group’s self the facilitator must understand and respects the individual self and group self as well. However, the individual self of each group member still identifies them as a specific and unique human being. 3.3 Skills needed by a facilitator in a group context A facilitator as a group leader needs to be in line with relevant skills to facilitate the group as a whole. These skills help the facilitator maintain the unity and participation of the group members within the group. 3.3.1 Attending According to (), the venue that every group meeting is held in must be big enough to accommodate every member of the group. A facilitator should be prepared mentally to deal with a group of people. This is because in groups division caused by conflicting members is highly possible to happen. A facilitator can not necessarily attend to every member of a group through verbal communication, so it essential that a facilitator learns to communicate in a non-verbal way to other members when he/she is busy attending another…show more content…
Listening is a skill that is very important in all aspects of life. It is very important that a facilitator accepts, listens to and understand every member individually as a unique and a whole person. Members of a group have different opinions and inputs when working in groups. Some of the inputs don’t seem to be highly relevant to the context of what the group is discussing. The facilitator is not expected to listen to the opinions that are brought by every member of the group and make them to be recognised. This helps encourage members of the group to keep trying to participate and come with ideas. For an example, in the context where a member is speaking, the facilitator should give serious attention to the speaker so that the member can keep talking. If the speaker doesn’t show attention to the speaker, it is likely that the speaker will not proceed with what he/she was saying. This can be a big problem as the member might not attend meetings anymore. 3.3.3 The facilitator needs to be empathic

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