The Importance Of Interviews And Techniques To Face Interview

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Introduction The success of failure of a company is largely attributed to the people who are hired and employed in the organization. Each organization focuses heavily on interview to select right person for the right job. Interview for a job would usually be nerve wracking. We may feel uncomfortable fielding unexpected questions. As an interviewee, the prospect of having to meet and impressed new people may be enough to trigger anxiety. However, there is a positive side to it. Interviewing is a skill which anyone can learn with a right practice and technique. We can become master at sharing our value with potential employer, presenting ourselves effectively at interviews and getting selected for the job we dreamt of. Techniques to fact Interview successfully Here are the tips and techniques to face interview which results into success story. 1. Managing stress Facing interview usually brings stress to us. It is believed that stress in small doses can actually be beneficial, helping us to perform better under pressure. However, if stress becomes constant and overwhelming, it can make us ineffective in a way we communicate during an interview by disturbing our capacity to think clearly and creatively. A person who is heavily stressed is more likely to misread an interviewer or send…show more content…
It gives us an idea of what is expected. Job description outlines required skills, major responsibilities and qualifications for the job. Writing down specific examples from our experience that relate to the job requirements will assist to prove our worth in an interview. This may seem like a home work assignments, it allows us to retrieve the information quickly while facing an interview. To know the abilities and expectations and skills required for the job in advance will help an interviewee to articulate his responses during an

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