The Importance Of Fact Base Education

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Emphasis on teaching facts only will destroy the fascinating, curious minds of our children. Fact base education system is like a dictatorship. Education should not just be about facts being stored in our minds and release for when tested on. Education should be holistic; yes, fact is important and so is our imagination for it’s with that we go places. “Fact”; Bill Gates failed several exams… “Imagination”; what started out as a thought and imagination has made him the owner of Microsoft.
According to Dr. Burek (2015) he stated, “The Fact base education system insist upon two beliefs, first a belief in an only rational material world where fancy and imagination includes nothing but the illusions, errors and pointless distraction from whatever matters. For instance instead of teaching Poetry, you should be teaching Statistics. Secondly, people as things that can be raise and can live and thrive free from imaginative non-rational elements in their lives.”
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Where is the student freedom to express their ideas?
Fact base system only in and out of schools will demolish creativity, critical thinking and reasoning skills. Such a system will cause teachers eventually fail their students in achieving the skill of metacognition and reaching their maximum potential. Students will lose their capacity of creation, thinking outside the box, reasoning and comprehending. Prediction of an outcome to any given situations or circumstances faced either by individual or a society where even taught ‘fact’ cannot be applied to solve the dilemma can result in major
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