Hidden Messages: The Importance Of Fairy Tales

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Introduction: Fairy tales have been apart of the human life since the early 1700’s. One of the most famous writers of all time include people like; Charles Perrault, The Grimms Brothers, and Joseph Jacobs. All these writers have influenced the way we depict literature and the way we see life around around us. I’m writing this paper to help others understand the importance of fairy tales. Fairy tales offer a way to escape the real world, even if it is only for a short amount of time. Fairy tales also help us learn life lessons and how to overcome obstacles in our everyday lives. Search: There was a lot of thought put into what I wanted to talk about before searching for information. I had to figure out what topic I wanted to talk about, what author, what genre, and what critical analysis. The main struggle was trying to understand the language the stories were written in. Most of the fairy tales written in the past are written in old English and are very hard to depict. Controlling Ideas: Most fairy tales have certain things in common such as, having a villain, taking place in a distant land, and having imaginary creatures, which takes the reader away from the real world and gives them a place to escape. Fairy Tales are often written with hidden messages that can help…show more content…
Fairy tales were seen as a way to help people overcome their troubles in life and become better people. The reasons why fairy tales are more useful than regular stories is because they are more entertaining. The entertaining portion of fairy tales come from the fact that they contain mythical creatures that help grab the attention of readers. The fact that fairy tales have been around since the 1600’s. Readers usually relate to the main characters because they go through the same struggles as people in real lifes. Overall fairy tales help everyone in a way because they help teach kids and adults

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