The Importance Of Faith In Occupational Therapy

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Now that I am continuing my education and pursuing my masters in occupational therapy, I understand the importance of spirituality in this practice. Not only does religion focus on one’s specific believes, but also encourages patients to have hope and faith to continue improving their overall health. A lot of times, difficult situations help individuals find answers and meaning to their lives. The course scripture, Psalm 139: 13-14 is perfect in relation to anatomy because is stresses that we are the way we are because of God. God created us and we all serve a purpose in this world despite any illnesses or disabilities. Although we might not understand his reasoning, there is always a purpose. Occupational therapy focuses on treating the person in a holistic approach, which recognizes the physical, mental, and spiritual interests of a person. The profession of occupational therapy is one of several professions that use this approach. Spirituality is something that is not physically present but is within every patient despite his or her religious beliefs. The occupational therapy practice framework lists spirituality as one of the client factors of…show more content…
The course scripture relates to the study of anatomy because God is the one who knit us together from the womb of our mothers. The body functions and structures evolve from our God who continues to bless our bodies as we grow physically and mentally. The course scripture provides a message to explain how spirituality relates to the study of anatomy and how he uniquely creates everyone’s body. God gives us gifts to build upon, but not everyone has the same gifts. We are all gifted different qualities to portray ways in which are different but special. The study of anatomy is a way to understand how God created our body and how each structure has a meaning and serves a purpose for its

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