The Importance Of Faith In Religion

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Faith is a term that can be applied to a large variety of conditions, yet in religion it seems to have a very strict meaning. This was until Tilley wrote about the large phenomena which is the growth of people who maintain faith in science or a subject which the person believes in rather than strictly a monotheistic or polytheistic view of the world. Many philosophers and theologists prior to Tilley represented faith as one's belief in a God or gods rather than in a subject. Although, with the writing of Tilley along with the furthering of scientific knowledge, those who previously had been a minority have gained a large following in new type of faith relationships. As society has progressed religion has become a far less important figure among…show more content…
Everyday teachers taught me the writings from the Bible and Torah, telling stories of great Judaic triumphs. Though, after self-reflection later in my life I learned one must not believe in the entirety of a religion, but have faith that there is a being greater than the human. Because of this view, I understand how writers such as Tilley refer to the center of faith as an “irreducible energizing center” rather than a God. This is because as time has advanced so has science and doubt has been increased in the discussion of religion, allowing for the option that there truly is not a greater being but rather a reason that everything happens. From the center of faith stems many core beliefs that represent the dogma of the faith. This creates the stories or myths which people then use to represent their faith. Many of these stories are similar across different religions, although one that influenced my faith greatly as a child was the story of Purim. This is because God is never mentioned yet it is a story of Jewish faith. This story taught me that people must have faith in more than God in order to survive. Had Mordecai and the rest of Semites in Persia not believed in Ester they would have been exterminated. Though, because they maintained faith in Ester their hopes were accomplished. This story overlapped with what I had been learning about in school with relations to how the United States government is run. By understanding that faith was something that had to exist in all parts of life, my eyes were opened to the world in a different way. I quickly gained respect for people because I learned to understand that their actions are not truly for themselves but for those who have faith in
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