The Importance Of Fake News In Today's Society

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Fake news is false news that appears to be real only because it has the ability to draw an audience who will give it life. Whether the news is factual or not, the more likes or views something has, the truer it is in the eyes of most. According to an article on the CBS website, "fake news is used to describe stories that are provably false, have an enormous traction in the culture, and are consumed by millions of people". In other words, most people in our society are drawn to the absurd and let 's face it; everyone loves the sexy story. Most people avoid the truth because it could be ugly, painful, and can possibly cause self-reflection. In today 's society we are so accustomed to fake news and the illusion of it all. To hell with facts, who needs such a preposterous thing! This way of thinking is partially our fault because we have the ability to choose if we want to engage or disconnect from the illusion. The rest should be blamed on the media because they have the power to reach and influence the world. If we refer to Rodmans ' book I think the social learning and cultivation theories are good explanations for why we think and act the way we do. For example, I believe romantic movies socialize women to date men who have money and status. The media has done a great job in creating this facade of what love is and what it 's supposed to look like. Growing up, my mother grandmothers, and great grandmothers socialized me to judge a "good man" by his watch and shoes. "It says

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