The Importance Of Fake News

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Everyday people all around the world go on the internet and see lies everywhere. The sad fact of reality is that the truth is hard to find and everyday people go online a see complete lies. The worst part is that people are believing it. Fake news and information is all over the internet and it is very hard to get rid of. Anyone from teens to famous news or search engines are creating or spreading fake news without even realizing it. Fake news is protected under the first amendment so nobody can just stop it. Many people are unaware of what fake news actually is and how rapidly fake news can spread. Fake news has a big role in everyone 's day-to-day life and society views the world around them. The truth about fake news is that many people do not know what it is. So what is it?…show more content…
Due to the fast spread of fake news, it tends to play a huge role in our everyday life. Everyday people view fake news all the time but it has a bigger impact than what we think. “It 's likely that more and more of us are seeing or believing information that is not just inaccurate but completely made up” (Davies) People see fake news and automatically think that it is true. This could change how they live their lives. Fake news also can change our opinion. Take the 2016 election for example. “The botnets usually turn whatever the issue is back on Hillary” (Schreckinger). During the election, fake accounts or users also known as bots made up fake information on Hillary Clinton or always brought her back into the spotlight when people accused Donald Trump on something. This could make us believe the false information and lead to people changing their opinion based of false information. “The pro Trump networks incessantly, but only to praise trump” (Schreckinger). False information can be bias toward one person so that everyone else feels the same about that person. False news can make us change our opinion on something even if it 's not true. Fake news can make us live our lives
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