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Family and Food can give you new experiences and help you grow as a person and although there is many positive learning experiences while I was eating with my family, I can recall a certain experience from my brief trip to Cancun when I was younger that was a first for me. I want to share my experience about this unique event that can be a perfect example how family can even turn food into an experience that you haven't had before. You would think family and food can't go wrong but for some unlucky reason it did for me, and what's worse it was on purpose. I didn't find the experience pleasant back then but I laught at it now.

Every year around 2 million tourists visit Cancun for its white beaches and unique culture and atmosphere the location
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Most “Mexican” restaurants from the U.S aren't actually serving true Mexican food and a Author named Megan Willett stated,”Many of the so-called Mexican foods we love — like hardshell tacos, burritos, and nachos — are Tex-Mex inventions. Though they have their own interesting history (and are obviously tasty), calling them Mexican is as accurate as saying General Tso's Chicken is chinese.” (Willett) Also you could see the Chefs who were making these delicious vibrant meals like an art, and they reminded when they work they had the same amount of concentration as any professional in a sport before an event. As we walked to our table I noticed how the location had a very classical vibe to it for example wine glasses and bottles everywhere, and also decorative silverware and the servers wore suits,vests, and ties. We sat down and was immediately asked for what beverages we would like my parents obviously got some type of alcoholic beverage while I think I got Sprite. Anyway we went on to look at the menu and my Mom and Dad were discussing what they were going to get while I intensely looked at the Spanish written menu trying to decipher what is
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