The Importance Of Family Communication

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The concern of family relationship among family of different cultural background is strengthening socialization. Family relationship focused or it is core issue of contents of family communication among families of both cultural groups. Family relationship is the core for content of communication that is based on open communication and encourages self-disclosure and minimize cultural and language difference. According to, (Olson, 2000), family is a place where family members characterized by intimacy, intensity and commitment among each other. This means that family is the first social world a children or children encounter (Keller, 1998). And it is the place where children are introduced to intimacy, personal relationship. As. to, (Charoenthaweesub Rath, Mathurada; and Hitchcock, John, 2012), good communication within the families promotes good relationships among family members.

Therefore, family relationships among families of different culture group maximize openness and minimize fear of difference. The interview result revealed that good family relationship is base for good family management, financial management, and child- parent communication and related issues. If family relationship is broken and not understandable family communication both in the same family of different cultural group it face problem like miscommunication among family members. According to, (Parnell, 2004) a family has to have a good relationship through

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