The Importance Of Family Dynamics

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Family is most important groups, which is the smallest unit of society. The unique individuals can find the essential love, intimacy, and attachment for psychological and physiological health from the family relationships. Family affect to individuals for being fulfilling effective functions and characteristics.
Family dynamics are the interaction between family members as well as the varying relationships that can exist within a family. Every family has its own dynamic, which manifests in its own way. Uncovering these relationships, can help you had better understand your family as well as others ', including how families function? (S. Grey 2013)
Family exists with a mother, a father, and their biological children living together under one roof. This type of family called nuclear family. In modern world, when people married and they made their nuclear family. However if we look at the history when two people married and they continue to live in men parent’s home so this type of family called extended family. They live grandfather, grandmother, children, and grand children in the same house. This traditional lifestyle is continued to live in agriculture or live in rural places.
Effective parenting refers to carrying out the responsibilities of raising and relating to children in such a manner that the child is well prepared to realize his or her full potential as a human being. It is a style of raising children that increases the chances of a child becoming the most

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