The Importance Of Family Engagement

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Family Engagement Plan

Context and Background of School

The school I work at is a kindergarten through fourth grade Enhanced Option school which means the school day is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and class sizes are supposed to be a maximum of 15 students per a teacher. There are two teachers per a grade, which averages about thirty-to-forty students per grade. The school is also a Title I school and scored in the satisfactory category in 2015 with an Academic Performance Framework score of 32.6%. Last school year the Student Growth TVAAS score for the school was a two. Overall, percent of student’s scoring proficient or advanced on TCAP Math have gone down from 43.1% in 2013 to 30.4% in 2014 and slightly up to 2.8% in 2015. Percent of
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The school that this project is being centered on is my home school which I spend the majority of my day and even go back to help with tutoring after school. Family Engagement for my schools will consist of sending home book backpacks over the summer so that students have the materials and literature and resources that they need to continue learning over the summer so that when they come back to school they have grown rather than digressing.
My expectations for Family Engagement are as follows:
1. The teacher will provide information, instructions, and materials to the families to work with their child over the summer. The materials will be culturally relevant so that students are reading and learning about their home country in both first and second language.
2. Families will work with their child preferably each day for at least 15 minutes reading and writing
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The teacher will send home a survey to find out what cultures and languages the families would like to see represented in their book bags and what possible resources they would like to use with their student. The teacher will provide a school email as well so parents can email any questions that they need answered.
2. The teacher will send home a backpack containing books, materials, and resources for parents to use with their child to learn together over the summer.
3. Families should spend time reading with their child and then together reflecting on what they read by writing in their journal.
4. The teacher will supply additional resources and information to parents in the language they prefer. Additional resources will include sight word cards, library information, and other free learning experiences they can attend over the summer.
5. Before the end of school, the teacher will send home a list of possible days and times over the summer that the teacher would like to attend a worship or prayer service with their family to learn more about their culture but also to check in with the family see how they are progressing with their book bags and to provide any additional resources. The teacher will then look at the times and send them back so that the families know what day the teacher is
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