Personal Essay: The Importance Of Family

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Growing up as a child in Singapore has taught me the importance of family. I was provided an idyllic life. I was raised in a home filled with love, support, peace, and happiness. This can be attributed to three objects in my life. Gathering for daily tea time as a family demonstrates how I was raised, while growing up in Singapore. The dining table was always adorned with freshly baked desserts made by a member of the family and it was unfailingly served alongside a fragrant pot of English tea, with spoonfuls of carnation milk and heaped tablespoons of sugar swirled into it. This family time highlights our view family members should cherish each other and maintain the family bond. By setting aside time from one’s busy schedule, a family learns to understand the respect each member needs to have towards the other members of the family. Baking for loved ones is a decent way to display one’s love for others because it takes effort to put in one’s own time and energy to bring joy to others. Creating something from the heart, in the form of edibles, for the family is just one example of showing your love and appreciation to those around. It matters not what is adorned but rather the person within the outfit. No amount of money will matter if the only person they are concerned about is…show more content…
Our constant time in prayer as a family is reflected through the way we interact with each other. A day is never complete until each of us are kneeling at the foot of our candle-lit alter, with a beaded-rosary in our hands and our mouths moving as we pray to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Prayer has always been at the center of our lives. It is through our constant prayer that we have remained a close-knit family, even through times of struggle. Moving to America was a huge sacrifice for my mother and father, but they trusted in God and made the move for the benefit of myself and my

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