Essay: Changes In Life

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Changes in Life The relationship between families can sometimes be complicated, not only because every single member of the family is different, but also because sometimes there is not time to enjoy family. My parents teach me the value of having family time. The same way as my parents teach me those values, I want to teach them to my childrens. Furthermore, since my family and me moved to the United States from Mexico, it has been really difficult for us to have family time. The relationship that we had in Mexico, now is gone. It is difficult for us to have family time because everyone is so busy in their own jobs. Therefore, we have lost family relationship since we moved to the United States.
One of the most important values that my family
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There is a tradition in my city, Guadalajara Jal Mexico, that every afternoon between 2:00pm- 4:00pm bussiness have to closed, so bosses and employees can go to eat and enjoy their families. Additionally, it was the time that my sibling, and me could see my father and talked with him. On the other hand, here in Chicago, I see my father only at night and sometimes I don’t even see him because business do not close until night. Moreover, the first job that my father got was in a restaurant as a bartender, he worked early in the morning until the restaurant closed. It has been really difficult for my family and me to adapt to a schedule that we all can have free time to enjoy our…show more content…
Every weekend we had a different activity, like riding bikes, go to the park, or just have a barbeque in our backyard. Therefore, those days we knew that it was only to enjoy our family and it help us to maintain our relationship stronger. However, when we arrived to Chicago, our family weekends were gone because my father have to work during weekends, my brother have soccer games every weekend and my sister have community hours because it is a requirement for her school. It has been truly weird for me to not see my father during weekends. Eventually, my family have been loosing relationship because now we also don’t have time during weekends for family
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