The Importance Of Family In The Family

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Family is a very important social unit in any person’s life. Many proverbs are concerning family as a very strong bond. The basis of the family is concerned to be a unit of one man with one woman. (Lucas 2015).
Family has certain roles in the society. Parents have to educate and bring up their children, keep them safe from any evilness, show the right path and be at their side no matter the circumstances (Clifford 1999). Children, on the other hand supposed to listen, learn and obey their parents (Treier 2011). Family’s primary role is to build the foundation of loving and caring relationship and to spread the wisdom and good teaching among the children. It is also important for the families to cultivate traditions so that family members could strengthen the bonds between them (op. cit.).
From time immemorial, public reputation has been a very important issue for families. People have always craved for having faultless and ideal reputation of a good manner house and family. This attitude very often leads to misunderstandings and family breakdowns (Fleming 2003). Also money, and wealth can have negative effects on the family. Wife and husband that strive to getting rich and having great wealth will neglect their families and people in general in a favour of money (Wiersbe 2004).
2.2.3. Friendship
Friendship occupies a significant part of a human social wold of any person.
One of the major role of friendship is to help and support each other. However, some friends

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